Synthesis Essay Writing Guide: Important Tips  

Writing a synthesis essay requires a writer to develop a clear argument on a topic drawn from various sources. The main objective of the writer is to provide a breakdown of a complex idea into an easily understandable presentation. The concept is built around the verb “synthesize.” You will be graded based on how well you explain the topic and make it clear to your readers. That is what it means to write a synthesis essay.

The synthesis of a topic is the development of other perspectives around it and making it clear to the reader. This happens by using various information sources to build a strong argument on the new perspectives. Therefore, a lot of research is required to help you draw proper arguments and conclusions. Even with these new approaches, your topic should be backed up by research. 

Tips for Writing a Synthesis Essay 

If you have been given a synthesis essay to write, remember to have a plan of how you will execute this assignment. Also you can buy essay online and avoid struggling with essay writing. Think through the essay topic from the beginning to the end before getting started with the writing. Here is what you should do:

  • Put together a list of sources to use. You will need to back up your discussion points with reliable pieces of information.  For that reason, you should have credible sources that you will use to develop a strong argument as you shed more light on the chosen topic.
  • Introduce the topic. Talk about the main idea of writing your topic. Provide a background of your idea and what it is about. Further, you can explain your idea concerning the topic. This should happen after introducing the topic in its complex form. Writing about the topic is a way of telling your readers how you understand it and why you take such a viewpoint.
  • Provide supporting evidence. Your essay will compel to your readers if you take the time to provide clear evidence of your opinions about the topic. The best way to do this is through the use of quotes and proper reference provided on the same.
  • Analyze the topic with the evidence provided. Take another step to explain how the evidence blends in with the main idea. Don't provide quotes only - proceed to discuss the quotes and other evidence to make it more clearly to your reader. 
  • Keep linking back to your main idea. A synthesis idea will require you to keep referring to your main idea. This should happen at every level of your writing process. The idea is to keep proving that you have espoused the topic as required.

Synthesis essays can take different approaches. They can be argumentative or a mere discussion around a topic of interest. Whichever approach you take, remember to follow these tips.

The Bottom Line

The main objective of writing a synthesis essay is to provide evidence and/or meaning of the given topic. It demonstrates your understanding of the given topic supporting your perspectives with evidence from credible sources. 

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