Population Growth

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Do you have any idea how many people live on the Earth? Some may guess there are millions or billions of people living on the planet. The later guess is close even though we are still counting since the population continues to grow at a fast pace. Researchers estimate over 7.5 billion people live on the Earth with over 80 million people being counted each year. The population growth explores the number of people that live on the Earth. Many factors contribute to learning how the growth occurs and how it affects the future.

Some areas are more populated than others with many contributing this to mortality rates, availability of health care, and access to essential resources. In some areas, it is obvious there are too many people because essentials are scarce. Governments have tried placing limits on how many children people can have, but doing this still doesn’t help other areas experiencing the same problem. The environment such as weather, safety concerns, disease, and the presence of men and women (more of one than the other) also contribute to growth.

The population growth tells us about other aspects of living on the Earth people overlook. Understanding characteristics of population growth include exploring space, density, and age of different populations and structures. These elements help determine a pattern of growth that occurs. Such details help us learn species that become extinct and other dynamics related to the population. Learning about these and other related aspects may give insight on how to control growth, but many wonder if the concept is even possible at all because of other problems blamed on overpopulation.

Factors such as famine, epidemic diseases, and harvesting practices contributed to the growth of population. It is said that birth rates remained the same during a period when death rates went down. Things that occur such as these may affect mass numbers of people but sometimes the population of a country may not be effected as much as a population of a city or town. Without sufficient resources these problems continue to grow and expand. Therefore, some areas have people that choose not to have a family or deal with the aspect of bringing children into the world where they won’t have what they need.

The population growth has brought many questions and concerns that affect all of us. Some wonder how many people can live on the Earth and whether it can sustain essential needs of humans. Learning more about how the population is growing gives insight how resources are used. Some wonder is it possible to run out of essential resources before the globe reaches capacity. Others think the Earth may never reach it if the human race dies off before there is a chance. The population growth presents new concerns people may not have control over now or in the future. It brings a valid point for researchers when they say everyone should be concerned about how the Earth is being consumed by the living.

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