14 Great Topic Ideas for Opinion Essay Assignments

In most schools, fifth-grade students begin to develop their skills in writing by starting on opinion pieces or short essay where they must present a clear and concise view on given topics and back up their position with sound, logical arguments. It lays the foundation for other types of writing, particularly the argumentative or persuasive essay assignment. Opinion essay topics at this level shouldn’t be too difficult for the students to address thoroughly, but they should encourage and challenge them to take sides and present support their opinions with good reasons. A company that helped me to write my college essay is presenting some great opinion essay topics 5th grade for you to consider in class:

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Good Opinion Essay Topics

  1. What is your favorite work of fiction? What makes it so special for you and how is unlike other books you have read?
  2. Do you think your school principal should expand the amount of time for recess, after-lunch outdoor activities, or physical education?
  3. Should parents have the sole responsibility for allowing or disallowing their children to listen to music with explicit or offensive language?
  4. Do we need to have stricter rules and regulations for the prevention of animal testing? Would this be placing people in danger?
  5. Is it better for kids to grow up in urban or rural areas? What are the different types of activities kids would likely partake in each area?
  6. Should students be limited to fewer hours of nightly television when school is in session? Who should be responsible for deciding how much time is adequate?
  7. Does watching too much television affect the way kids at school interact with another? How has this negatively or positively impact social behavior?

Simple Topics For Opinion Essay

  1. Should students be allowed to bring small pets to school? Would this teach students to be more responsible in class?
  2. Should people be allowed to keep strange or unusual pets? What are the potentially dangerous situations that could arise if the owners aren’t careful?
  3. Should students be allowed to decide the kind of homework assignments and topics they receive after reaching the 5th grade?
  4. Should school administration prohibit the sale of junk food on campus? What if this meant removing vending machines altogether?
  5. Should health-food options be made more affordable in order to encourage greater consumption in the homes of children?
  6. Is private education higher in quality than public education? What are the major differences and similarities between the two?
  7. Can students trust the facts and figures they find on the internet? How can students be sure that the information they find can be trusted?

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