The Secret to Choosing Quality Narrative Essay Topics

Like every other type of essay, a narrative essay writing exercise begins with the choice of topic. Without a clear picture of what you are about to write, it is unlikely that you will succeed in writing your essay. Therefore, the choice of a narrative topic becomes important. The most important thing to note is that this type of essay takes different approaches.

Are you preparing to write my essay today? Well, you should be thinking about the background upon which to base your writing. Ensure you understand the different options you got before doing the actual writing. Here are some things to consider:

  • Writing a Story. A story is an option you can pick for your narrative. That means your writing will be based on a specific event or experience you have had in life. For that reason, your focus should be on the details of that experience and/or event throughout. However, this should be presented uniquely and interestingly.
  • Doing a descriptive narrative. Your narrative assignment can also be an opportunity to produce a certain description. It could be a description of a place, person, an experience or an item. The focus here is not only on physical appearances but also on other related aspects.
  • Investigative Report Narrative. A narrative essay can also be an investigative report. Through your narration, you can tell about how you will conduct the investigation. This requires thorough research of the facts, evidence and definitions around the issue under investigation.  Here, you will have to take a keen look at the facts and provide a chronological order of events in a way that connects them seamlessly.
  • Persuading others through your narrative. Your essay can also take a persuasive form. Try to convince others concerning a certain aspect and use facts to bring them on board. It is important to provide tangible facts and evidence to make your readers agree with what you are narrating.

Typical Narrative Essay Topics to Write About 

  1. A childhood Experiences that Molded My Character
  2. My life in school
  3. A day at the Market 
  4. My Favorite Childhood trip 
  5. Going to College for the First Time
  6. My First Day at Community Work 
  7.  Becoming a Leader amidst Chaos
  8. A frightening Experience at Night 
  9. The Way I Relate with My Family 
  10. My Biggest Concern in life 
  11. The life Every Student Wants 
  12. Understanding How Cars Work

Writing a narrative essay is a multifaceted assignment that plunges you into a whole world of creativity and thought. Therefore, you should be prepared to take your reader through an interesting journey that they would wish it didn't end.

The End 

Narratives are unique assignments that can take different approaches. Always plan for your writing and think through the topic to come up with items that will be covered in the course of writing. Again, you should keep on learning different styles and the tone for writing a narrative essay. It could be about experiences, an imaginative idea or a description of something special.

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