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The Sharpiest

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Team members:

What is the ideal interface to keep track of previously viewed online content, across multiple devices and locations?


Research and Exploration

We've started by identifying source types (yellow post-it notes on the photos):

Starting point.jpg
Initial thingy.jpg

Random thoughts & notes


We're focusing on two aspects: retrieving information and analysing it in a fun way (ego pleasing!).

The application retrieves data from all devices (mobile app, browser plugins, desktop app), store everything in the cloud and then shows the data. It helps to find information the user accessed at some point and also shows statistics, something like Google Analytics but for the personal data ("Personal Analytics"?)

Initial sketches and ideas

The main dashboard could show top level stats and allow drilling down and use facets to see more detailed stats. It would also allow to search for information and locate previously visited pages.

Social analytics.jpg
Tags tags tags.jpg Faceted interface.jpgDashboard-tags.jpg

Refining the dashboard and the way it works

Dashboard.jpgFurther drilling.jpg

Final sketches

Final dashboard.jpg

Final dashboard tags.JPG

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