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Team members

Research & explore

Considering the topic, we tried first of all what it meant for people to deal with such challenge of content-overload related to increasing feeds of information connected to the multiple digital identities of a user.

Our approach was to focus first of all on the main "problem" to solve for the person. We convened that content-overload can easily increase the "stress level" of a person with a busy life who needs to juggle many different engagements and activities each day. To these type of people we want to offer a solution that relieves the "stress" factor related to this overwhelming situation.

The research phase consisted in identifying a realistic persona with such problem, and trying to understand all services and features that could relieve any level of stress related to content-overload.

The brainstorming

The brainstorming phase was very important at the beginning of the day. We did commit a delimited time to the session though, and we put our deadline at 1h30m from the start. At the end of the first half of the brainstorming session, we had identified the personas who could receive the greatest advantage from our solution. The second half of the brainstorming session was spent discussing the tools that could make this person "stress free", or anyway more relaxed when dealing with content consumption from the web.

User stories

After identifying on 4 potential persona-types, we picked one. This persona is a middle aged woman named "Maria", with a busy and rewarding career, but also with a family (2 kids and a husband), and a desire to enjoy life also outside of work and family. The user story: Maria lives a busy day usually; our smartphone application helps her prioritize messages depending on the moment of the day. When she enters work, the "Work" mode makes her notice immediately the most important feeds of information to tackle. As soon as she leaves work, she can change the mode to "Free Time", "Family", or any other custome more... like "vacation", "relax", etc...


Interim Presentations




Prototypes - on paper or on screen

Final presentation


After thoughts

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