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Social Cat

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Social Cat

Team members (twitter)

The new/original idea

We started thinking about a service to discover Barcelona by sightseeing and interacting with places and people in a fun way. The main concept is based on the metaphor of being a cat that is freely walking through the city.

In order to make it fun we make use of a compass that leads you to different points of interest in the selected Cat-Route(TM). During the journey you are asked to achieve selected tasks: asking questions about the history of a place, taking pictures of a specific location, finding hidden architectural places, etc.

One feature we are proud of is the Cat-Mode(TM), where you read and leave message trails along the path (GPS located for the next cat passing by) and interact with other cat fellows.


We first focused on the functionality composed by three factors: defined scenarios of user interaction, defined the tasks that you are able to do in a particular screen, drew a quick wireframe.

We did not have enough time to complete the design style, logo and icons, overall look and feel.

How the idea arrived? (1 phrase)

Alessio: I had once the experience of City Exploring with the compass. I thought that was an interesting way to use a mix of digital device and old way to get the orientation to rediscover the city of Barcelona. Using the metaphor of the cat it was quite obvious, because cat are curious people, and like to wonder around. As well we choosed the name of our group even before of giving light to the project, it was a good coincidence :)

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