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The Topic

What is the ideal interface to keep track of previously viewed online content, across multiple devices and locations?

Every day people consume megabytes of web content – on a myriad of internet-enabled devices from varying locations. This content is typically re-located through:



The big idea


Helping you retrieve specific pages from your history.

So let's assume that you're really lazy and you don't often bookmark any pages. Instead you like to go back through your history to find pages that were interesting. This is all about visualising all the data in your history to help you find specific pages that you have been to before.

We account for two types of behaviours which you can switch between at any time; searching and exploring.

Exploring: visualising your history


This view starts of by showing you a timeline for the past week along the bottom of the screen. Each day is a point on the line. A page stack shown above each point. At this point you can zoom out to a month view or zoom in to a specific day.

If you


Searching: restricting the set

In both exploration views, there will be a sidebar with the following search criteria:

The page stack

The page stack has 4 parts:

Indicators of importances and relevance

We give two visual cues to indicate the relative importance of each page:

Importance is based upon mystical indicators such as:

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