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Event Details


The Jam has a maximum number of participant, the ticket will be available from 11am of 22nd of June. If you want to participate check here what you need to do.

The event is totally no-profit: we are going to ask 10 euro to get the ticket as "guarantee" of your participation, but we'll give you back all the money at the end of the event. We are doing this to be quite sure to have people subscribed coming and not having available places empty.

Local Champions

Feel free to contact me for questions and queries:

About Design Jams

Design Jams are one-or-two-day design sessions, during which people team up to solve engaging User Experience (UX) challenges. Here will be one challenge for all teams, that will be announced on the day. No need to prepare anything! It’s not a competition and there is no prize to win. Learn more about Design Jams.

Who should attend Design Jams

Anyone really – Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) & Design Students, Interaction Designers, UX Researchers, Information Architects, UI Designers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Developers + more… The day aims to improve collaboration skills and help attendees learn and practice various UX techniques including but not limited to Research, Brainstorming, Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping.

What happens at a Design Jam?

Attendees sign up in advance. Upon arrival they assign themselves to teams based on the skills they could contribute and what they’d like to learn. Teams are then presented a design challenge that they tackle by doing research, sketching, guerrilla testing and other UX techniques. They are encouraged to share their process and ideas halfway through enabling them to get feedback from other teams as well as other mentors in attendance during the day. The day concludes with final presentations to the entire group. Outcomes could take the form of sketches, storyboards, a video or even a prototype – whatever communicates the idea best.

What happens to the ideas we come up with?

All output materials will be shared on the public Design Jams wiki.


To facilitate the free exchange of ideas, all outputs, visualizations and other contributions made during the day must be contributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. This basically means anyone can use ideas generated at the Design Jam, as long as they credit the original authors. For the Roma Jam we are trying to have a design challenge connected to propose solutions to a local issue in collaboration with an institution or NGO or no-profit organization. So the team's outputs could have an immediate local impact and the teams could also be involved on making their project real!

The Topic

We are working on the challenge topic. The challenge will be announced in the same day. For the Roma Jam we are trying to have a design challenge connected to propose solutions to a local issue in collaboration with an institution or NGO or no-profit organization. So the team's outputs could have an immediate local impact and the teams could also be involved on making their project real!


Un'ora sola ti vorrei... ma anche 4, 5 o 6
Vicini Vicini
Make a wish


Luca Simeone

Luca Simeone is managing partner of Vianet and teaches design anthropology and interaction design at La Sapienza University and Ateneo Impresa Graduate Business School in Rome. He has published reviews and articles on design anthropology and ethnographic methods applied to design practices. He co-edited the books Beyond Ethnographic Writing (Armando, 2010) and REFF (DeriveApprodi, 2010) exploring new narratives that combine traditional writing with augmented reality technologies.

In 2009 he founded FakePress, a think tank exploring the future of publishing and in 2011 he was a research affiliate with the SENSEable City Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge MA.

Salvatore La Rosa

Dario Carrera

I’m PhD in Public Administration and Management, title of thesis “Creating social entrepreneurs. From civil society movements to social innovation: the role of the social enterprise incubators and centres for social innovation”, at University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, where I also teach “Management of Nonprofit Organizations” . While coaching 10 year olds on Roman football pitches, I’m member and coach of Liberi Nantes, costituita, sport association totally made up of refugees and forced migrants (the association is supported – free of charge - by the UNHCR). I’m member in Solidarity Finance association (, co-founder of The Hub Milano and founder of The Hub Roma.

Hub Roma

Other Important Info

What do I need to bring?
Food and drink

We'll offer coffee, tea and snacks. We are looking for ways to offer also breakfasts and launches (sponsor needed! :) ) Alternatively, it would be great if you could bring your own, and even greater if you could bring some to share, potluck style. You can also head out to grab something nearby (we'll give you a list of options around).


Enthusiast Sponsor

Studio MIT
DNSEE - interactive thinking

Fan Sponsor

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

IED is the only educational group that operates within an entirely Italian creative context at an international level. Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Cagliari, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona and St. Paul host our four design schools: Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Management lab. They offer training courses to high school or college graduates.

Since 2011, the Institution is authorized to issue legally recognized degrees at the headquarters of Milan and Rome.

IED is an educational system that is in continuous evolution. It is a real laboratory of ideas that is able to think and rethink on a daily basis. Its mission is clear and even simple to understand: offer young creative individuals a full training experience through theory and practice… a “Cultural Project” that will accompany them through life.

It is precisely because of this continuous creative process that IED is much more than just a simple school: it is a center where the new generation of professionals is trained.

Thanks also to BBox - The cloud under your (version) control and IDEaCT.



Nois3lab logo.jpg

nois3lab develops websites, blogs and mobile applications based on the latest communication trends. Each project is unique, this is why nois3lab listens to clients in order to find the perfect design concept for their business. nois3lab loves to interact with other experts in order to deliver better products. Ideas become methods.

Alessio Ricco
Mozilla Labs

The Mozilla Labs Concept Series hub of innovation channels coming together to create an engaging space for community interaction & collaboration.

Each channel aims to create an environment of interaction within the community (designers, developers, students, teachers etc.) - to provoke thought, share ideas, facilitate discussion, collectively innovate and inspire the future vision of the Mozilla project, Firefox, and the Web as a whole.

@MozConcept & @MozLabs on Twitter for latest news and updates.

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