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With support from Mozilla Labs and Oxford University Computing Services, Design Jam Oxford happened on the 14th of May.

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About Design Jams

What is Design Jam?

Design Jam is a one-day design session, during which people will team up to tackle engaging User Experience (UX) challenges. Similar to developer ‘hackdays’ the aim is to get UX professionals, designers, developers (and more) together to learn and collaborate with each other while working on actual design problems. The sessions champion open-source thinking & sharing and are non-profit, run by local volunteers.

Know more about Design Jams, who should attend and what happens at the event here

Who should attend?

Anybody who would like to practice their research, brainstorming, sketching or collaboration skills. Interaction designers, UX researchers, Information Architects, web and graphic designers. Students and experienced practitioners.

What happens at Design Jam?

On the day, attendees assign themselves to a group based on the skills they contribute and what they’d like to learn. (Instead of the session grid well-known from barcamps, Design Jams use a 'team grid'). The teams are giving a design challenge that they tackle by doing research, sketching, guerilla testing and other UX techniques.

Teams share their process and ideas halfway through. The day finishes with final presentations. Outcomes could be a prototype, sketches, storyboards or videos - whatever communicates the idea best.

What happens to the ideas we come up with?

To facilitate the free exchange of ideas, all outputs, visualizations and other contributions you make during the day must be contributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. All materials will be shared on the Design Jam wiki, and teams will have to write a short blogpost about their design process and idea.

Event Details

Date: 14 May 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00 to 18:00

Venue: Oxford University Computing Services

13 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6NN

Tickets: Tickets were sold at: Eventbrite.

Lanyrd: Track the event at: Lanyrd


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Mention: #djo1

Day Schedule

Schedule for Design Jam Oxford
[08:30 – 09:15] Doors open
[09:15 – 10:00] Welcome, team building, design challenge announced
[10:00 – 11:45] Teams start tackling the challenge with a Research & Explore phase
[11:45 – 12:30] Interim presentation/feedback phase
[12:30 – 13:15] Lunch
[13:15 – 14:45] Design phase: Wire-frame/UI exploration, storyboards, prototypes, guerrilla testing
[15:00 – 16:00] Prepare final presentation
[16:00 – 17:45] Final presentations
[17:45 – 18:00] Wrap-up and we’re off to the pub

The Challenge

Commuting, whether it’s by car, cycle, train, plane, or foot can be a logistical, environmental and economic challenge. How do we make the commute less boring and more of a useful experience? We want you to come up with an application for that.


Who is your audience? How are they commuting? Train, plane, bus, cycle or 
a mix of those?
What constraints will they have? Time? Financial?
What are the core goals for the user?


What kind of platform(s) make sense? 
When would your app be used? Before/during/after the commute?
 How would you get the data? Existing, crowd-sourced, vetted etc?
Do third party services (bookmarking sites, social media twitter, Facebook likes, Flickr etc.) have a role in your idea? How do these interact with the rest 
of the service?
Do social commerce, gamification and brand awareness play any role?

You only have a day so keep it focused & simple – enjoy yourself!


1 - Thumbs Up

2 - Raspberry jam

3 - Team Wibble

4 - The Non-Commuters

5 - FiveFour

6 - CycleConvoy

7 - Green Kangaroo: Join the Hoppers Programme

8 - We Heart Commuting

9 - No!

10 - Brains on a Train

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Dr Jon Dodd

MD and co-founder of Bunnyfoot, a leading behavioural research & UX consultancy.

Jon holds a DPhil. in Visual and Computational Neuroscience from Oxford University, and has over 13 years experience of developing and coding online information resources that are usable and accessible to multiple user groups and browser-device combinations.

He combines business acumen with programming expertise, and behavioural expertise, ensuring 'fluency' in and between all the necessary components required to develop top-flight online resources. Jon has overall responsibility for the accessibility, usability and eyetracking services for the company. He works directly with clients (when he can) and frequently appears as an invited speaker at national and international industry conferences.

Jon is a former invited expert for the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and former editor-in-chief of the Usability Professionals Association online newsletter.

When not at Bunnyfoot you'll find Jon teaching scuba diving, entertaining the crowds with the local amateur dramatics society, wakeboarding or learning how to fly microlights (hang-gliders with hairdryers on the back).


Eewei Chen

User Experience Lead and Creative Director from Thoughtworks Experience.

Eewei has worked in the new media creative industry since 1993 and has had many ‘firsts’ in his professional career including designing the first secure online musical distribution service (before itunes!), launching the first online music publication ( and setting up the design department for the first truly integrated design agency (Conchango). Eewei continues to keep innovation and users, at the heart of all design decisions and his wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of industries is an invaluable asset to any project at ThoughtWorks.

Twitter: @ultraman


Martin Amor

Innovation Consultant - expert in the behaviour and language that makes innovation happen in business.

Martin has developed products, services and brands in categories as diverse as beer, telecoms, chocolate, instant coffee, telecoms, pensions and pharmaceuticals, having led innovation projects for Mars, Fosters, SK Telecom (Korea), Samsung, Nestle, Unilever, Astra Zeneca, Shell and Kraft among others. He is particularly interested in the behaviour and language that makes innovation happen in businesses, and has developed processes and tools which help global businesses improve their effectiveness around innovation, ideas and insight.

He lives in the countryside near Henley with his girlfriend and their dog, surfs when he can get to the seaside and makes fairly average techno on his computer.



Mozilla Labs Concept Series

The Mozilla Labs Concept Series is a hub of community activity to encourage innovation and experimentation for the Web via design and development. Their aim is to provoke thought, share ideas, facilitate discussion, and inspire the future vision of the Mozilla project, Firefox, and the Web as a whole.

@MozConcept & @MozLabs on Twitter latest news and updates.

Oxford University Computing Services


White October

White October is an Oxford agency that builds innovative web and mobile apps through a unique collaboration with their customers. In 2011 and 2012 they will be growing their team of interaction designers and suggest that anyone interested should sign up to their careers newsletter on the website.


Looking for an amazing UX job? Sign up to the White October careers


Incuna - Experts in digital healthcare: Leading pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations and primary care trusts are choosing Incuna for their digital healthcare solutions.




Feel free to contact any of the team:

Al Power

Al Power @AlPower

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James Morris @JimmyMorrisUK

Mariana Mota

Mariana Mota @MarianaMota

Twitter: @DesignJamOxford

Email: designjamoxford [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com

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