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Design Jam London 2

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About Design Jams

Design Jams are one-or-two-day design sessions, during which people team up to solve engaging User Experience (UX) challenges. Learn more about Design Jams.

Design Jam London 2 - #djl2

With support from Mozilla Labs, City University London Fjord and Geeks of London, the second London Design Jam is happening on the 26th of February 2011.

Tickets are free, and are available on Eventbrite from Monday, Feb 7th, 1pm.

Local Champions

Feel free to contact any of the following with questions and queries.

The Topic

Design a mobile service to help visitors to London 'become local' - to discover and connect with the city in a meaningful way.

Every day people visit London for the most disparate reasons. Lots of them are unfamiliar with the city, and would like to act, think and feel like a local (the way they move around, the places they go, the people they meet, the coffee they drink… ). How can we help them on the go? What are the mobile services we could provide them with?

Keep the focus on: how would they become familiar with the city, how do they cease being a tourist and start feeling like a local?


Try NOT looking into tasks for local travellers, or typical tourists regular commuting from A to B ‘booking’ tasks – flights, hotels, restaurants well documented tourist hotspots

Practical considerations:

Lunch time advice: mobile focus points

The Teams

Team 1 - Fire Exit

Team 2 - Couch Bananas

Team 3 - Direct

Team 4 - myLondon

Team 5 - Hi-5

Team 6 - SiUX

Team 7 - Susan

Team 8 - Madeleine

Team 9 - Team Neoz

Team 10 - Red Banana-nana

Post Event: Thoughts and Reviews

Post Event: Twitter, Photos and Videos

Design Jam London Flickr group:

Design Jam photos on Twitpic

@orangejon's final presentation videos on YouTube:

Event Details

Follow @designjamlondon on Twitter Hashtag all activity with #djl2 or #designjam

Main info

Date: 26 February 2011 (Saturday) Time: 08:30 - 18:00 Venue: University City London, Northampton Square - WC1V 6NX Nearest Tube: Angel (Northern line - Bank branch)

Directions to venue

The City University campus is quite big, so here's how to find the Design Jam studio:

You need to sign it at the main desk in the University Building. We'll put up signs for you to find room.

The University Building overlooks Northampton Square:

Day Schedule

Schedule for Design Jam London 2
[08:30 – 09:15] Doors open
[09:15 – 10:00] Welcome, team building, design challenge announced
[10:00 – 11:45] Teams start tackling the challenge with a Research & Explore phase
[11:45 – 12:30] Interim presentation/feedback phase
[12:30 – 13:15] Lunch
[13:15 – 14:45] Design phase: Wire-frame/UI exploration, storyboards, prototypes, guerrilla testing
[14:45 – 15:00] Tea break
[15:00 – 16:00] Continue design phase, prepare final presentation
[16:00 – 17:45] Final presentations
[17:45 – 18:00] Wrap-up and we’re off to the pub


Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan is an Independent Interaction Designer and Developer with over a decade of experience in creating web, Flash, desktop, and mobile applications. His latest iPhone app, Feathers, was featured by Apple as "New and Notable" and reached #1 in the What's Hot list in the US. It is often cited as an example of beautiful, emotional design. Aral aims to build beautiful, empathic apps that create joy and delight. He shares his knowledge, experiences, frustrations, and joys via his Geek Ninja Factory dojos, blog, tweets, and the numerous talks he gives around the world every year.

Mathias Dahlström

Mathias Dahlström is a technology artisan at labs. labs is a small team inventing services & applications within the wider context of travel and lifestyle. What new services and devices will people use to find the best stuff to do? We have no idea. But we’re going to try ideas out and see what happens.

Follow Mathias, on Twitter as @mdahlstrom, or his site or his current cooperate home

Tim Brooke

Tim Brooke has worked on a diverse range of projects from self-organising robotic warehouses to self-sufficient wireless networks for vineyards and even multiuser exhibits in museums. He currently works in Nokia Design's London studio, building prototype mobile devices from anything that comes to hand – Adobe Flash, Java, bits of electronics, doubled sided sticky tape, even Post-It notes. He values "learning through building" and believes that there’s nothing like a working prototype to explain, explore and evaluate ideas. He has also worked for Microsoft (Redmond, Washington, USA), Intel Research (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA) and IDEO (London, UK). He hold degrees in Computer Related Design MA from the Royal College of Art, MSc Mechatronics from Hull University and a Cybernetics BSc from the University of Reading.


Twitter: @timtwit

Other Important Info

When will the teams be formed?

Teams will be formed on the day, so don’t worry about that for now. Please think about what skills you contribute, and what you would like to learn – you will need that information.

What happens to the ideas we come up with?

To facilitate the free exchange of ideas, all outputs, visualizations and other contributions you make during the day must be contributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.

What do I need to bring?
Food and drink

While there'll be breakfast, coffee, tea and snacks, we won’t be providing lunch. It would be great if you could bring your own, and even greater if you could bring some to share, potluck style. You can also head out to grab something from nearby (many options around Exmouth market and Angel station, a Waitrose is nearby).


Mozilla Labs Concept Series

The Mozilla Labs Concept Series is a hub of community activity to encourage innovation and experimentation for the Web via design and development. Their aim is to provoke thought, share ideas, facilitate discussion, and inspire the future vision of the Mozilla project, Firefox, and the Web as a whole.

@MozConcept & @MozLabs on Twitter latest news and updates.

City University London

City University London - providing students, the professions and business with the knowledge and skills essential to the success of London as a world city. Our Postgraduate courses include MSc's for Electronic Publishing and Human-Centred Systems.

Computing and Information Science staff and students benefit from state-of-the-art premises in City University London's historic College Building. Located in the heart of London, our approach to education draws on more than 100 years of tradition.

The purpose-built space includes specialist teaching rooms, a SAP Product lab and a high-tech Human Computer Interaction Design lab supported by The Vodafone UK Foundation.

@CityUni_HCID on Twitter


Fjord has been pioneering the art and science of digital service design since they started out nearly ten years ago. They partner with global clients to create service solutions that work across multiple platforms and deliver transformational results. There are now 140 Fjord experts – who include the original founders – working across creative hubs in London, Helsinki, Berlin, Madrid and New York.

Fjord has a track record of analysing in depth the long-term underlying patterns of innovation and change in digital technology. That’s how we help clients to build real innovation into their interfaces and products. We understand ‘new mobility’ – it’s beyond the mobile phone but about today’s mobile lifestyle.

Geeks of London

Run by the same crew that organises BarCamp London and HackCamp, Geeks of London organise meetups for all different types of geeks, like movie geeks, comic book geeks, scifi geeks, and many more. They hold various events/meetups, such asMovie Geek meetups, Gadget Geek meetups and crazy events like scavenger hunts and pub quizzes.

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