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UX and collaboration resources

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Design Jams are collaboration spaces, giving you a chance to try out new tools and techniques, to improve your facilitation and presentation skills, and to learn from others. If you are attending a Design Jam soon, think about if there is anything you'd like to try out. A gamestorming or sketching game? An interesting way to brainstorm? Paper-prototyping? Facilitate a guerrilla usability test?

Collaboration, facilitation and gamestorming

The website and wiki for the Gamestorming book by Dave Gray, Sunny Brown and James Macanufo

12 innovation games from Luke Hohmann's book.

List of great books for facilitation and meeting design, compiled by Kevin M. Hoffman

Facilitation pattern library by agile coach Jeremy Lightsmith

UX Methods

nForm's UX trading cards are great for an overview of UX techniques

The UX Technique cards provide a reference guide of methods and techniques for UX practice. There's also an iPhone app.

A broad glossary of methods by usability first.

Business Design Tools is a toolkit of (business) design methods.

Sketching templates

50 Sketching Resources (Article)

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